NEXT TWO FILMS: 04.03.2020 – FREE Vintage Matinee | 13.03.2020 – Men Who Swim

Wednesday, 04 March, 2020: FREE vintage Matinee

  • DATE: Wednesday 04 March, 2020
  • GENRE: Drama|Romance
  • YEAR: 2000
  • DURATION: 121m
  • LANGUAGE: English
  • DOORS OPEN: 1.00pm

Friday, 13 March, 2020: Men Who Swim

  • DATE: Friday 04 March, 2020
  • GENRE: Documentary
  • YEAR: 2010
  • DURATION: 71m
  • LANGUAGE: Swedish with English subtitles
  • DOORS OPEN: 7.00pm

OK, perfect premise, right? Bored and frustrated men in their mid-life crisis years turn to an extremely unlikely group activity – synchronized swimming – and give it a go. Hilarity ensues.The only thing is, this really happened. Welshman Dylan Williams, a film and television professional, marries and moves to Sweden, where he not only doesn’t speak the language, but can’t get a decent job, and doesn’t have any friends. As he learns the language, the job front improves nominally, but his big breakthrough is social: He joins a club, and finds that friendship blossoms in a motley crew of misfits who have decided to persuade a journalist and author on the subject to teach them synchronized swimming. At first the novelty attracts some viewers interested enough to shell out a bit to watch them go through their paces. Eventually, though, routine sets in, real-life problems take precedence, spectators lose interest, tempers flare, and the men have to admit to themselves that not only are they not very good, but they also have reached the limits of their, and their trainer’s, capabilities. What then? That’s where the film starts to get really interesting … synopsis from